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Master programme in Statistics

The Master Programme in Statistics at Uppsala University gives a solid foundation in statistical theory and a deeper knowledge in areas such as econometrics, psychometrics and biostatistics. This gives very good skills to critically analyze and interpret data from various application areas. Students with a degree from this programme are well prepared for work in both the private and public sectors or for graduate studies in Statistics.

Welcome to the Master Programme in Statistics (new students 2018)

Welcome Programme in Uppsala Autumn 2018

Uppsala University, together with the student nations and student unions, organises a range of activities to welcome our new international students in August 2018.
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Welcome Reception and fair

Uppsala University will have a Welcome Centre set up in Uppsala, at the Segerstedt Building. The Welcome Centre will be open on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 August between 11am and 9pm, and on Saturday 25 August between 11am and 4pm.

On Wednesday 29 August, Uppsala University will hold a Welcome Reception in the University Main Building for newly arrived international students. The reception, which includes an official welcome by the Vice-Chancellor as well as information sessions, will commence at 1pm and wind down at 5pm with a mingle and light refreshments. The event is both informative and fun, and gives new students the opportunity to get to know the university and each other. It is therefore recommended that all international students in Uppsala attend. Swedish Master’s students are also welcome to participate. 

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Registration at the Department of Statistics (for international students)

Please visit Director of Studies Thommy Perlinger for registration.

Room B325, Ekonomikum,  Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, Uppsala

Thursday 30th August. Time: 13.00-14.00.

Friday 31th August. Time: 13.00-14.00

If you arrive later please write an email to:

Information and Welcome Reception for Master Students in Statistics
Monday 3rd September, 2018
Time: 15.15-17. Room H429 Faculty Club, Ekonomikum. Uppsala.

The programme begins with two parallel courses (you will find course information and schedules through the links under "Courses").

Statistical Programming with R, 7.5 c.
Course start: Monday 3rd September. Time 9.15-12.00.
Room: H326 Ekonomikum. 

Linear Algebra for Statisticians, 7.5 c.
Course start: Tuesday 4th September. Time 13.15-16.00.
Room: F416 Ekonomikum. 

Courses in the Master Programme in Statistics, Fall 2018.

Semester 1

2ST115. Linear algebra for Statisticians, 7.5 c. September-November.
2ST105. Statistical Programming with R, 7.5 c. September-November. 
2ST080. Probability Theory, 7.5 c. November-January.
2ST075. Generalized linear models, 7.5 c. November-January.

Semester 3

2ST112. Multivariate Statistical Theory and Methods, 15 c. September-December.
2ST111. Time Series Econometrics, 7.5 c. September-November.
2ST072. Analysis of Survival Data, 7.5 c. November-January.
2ST119. Financial Econometrics, 7.5 c. November-January. 

Courses in the Master Programme in Statistics, Spring 2018.

Semester 2

2ST120. Inference, 7.5 c. January-March. 
2ST077. Econometric Theory and Methodology, 15 c. January-June.
2ST114. Structural Equation Models, 7.5 c. March-June.

Semester 4

2ST116. Master Thesis. 30 c. January-June.