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Statistics is the science of collection, analysis and interpretation of empirical data. This means that students in statistics will encounter a variety of areas. Within the social sciences, in e.g. economics and various behavioral sciences, statistical methods are invaluable for data collection and analysis of quantitative as well as qualitative data. All decisions, large and small, all planning of economic activity, all control and monitoring of the environment involves statistically sound data. In the natural and technological sciences statistical methods are used for quality control, signal analysis, drug trials and epidemiological studies, to name a few applications.

Statistics are sometimes described as an auxiliary science, but it is also an independent science with an ever-growing arsenal of methods. Within the department research are conducted aiming at developing and evaluating new methods in the social sciences, especially economics and behavioral science, and medical applications.

Courses in statistics are provided within programs and as separate basic courses at the undergraduate level a well as the graduate level. Students in economics are recommended to study at least 60 credits in statistics. For a career as a professional statistician a masters degree is recommend.

Exam dates

Current exam dates for courses offered by the Department of Statistics can be found via the link below.

Exam dates, Department of Statistics.

Services and support to students with disabilities

Information about services and support to students with disabilities can be found here.

Omprövning av tentamensresultat

Om man vill ompröva ett tentaresultat går man till intendenturens reception (informationen på entréplan) och ber om en kopia av sin tenta om man inte redan gjort det samt en omprövningsblankett, denna blankett ska sedan lämnas in igen ifylld till receptionen. Resterande information finns på själva blanketten.

Procedures in cases of suspected cheating at examinations

Uppsala University has guidelines regarding procedures for handling cases of suspected deception at examinations. These guidelines can be found here.

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