Student office

Room A334, Ekonomikum (floor 3)Kyrkog√•rdsgatan 10
Postal address: Box 513, 751 20 Uppsala
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday 12.00-14.00, and Wednesday, Thursday 10.00-12.00.
Tel. 018 471 10 10, 018 471 10 11

Statistics Consulting

The Department of Statistics offers help and consulting within the field of statistics. There is no fee for researchers and PhD students from the Faculty of Social Sciences. Contact:

The Department of Statistics is a member of

The Swedish Statistical Society is a nonprofit organization for friends of statistics - statisticians, other users of statistics, and people with a general interest in statistics. The organization has approximately 1 000 individual  members and  25 corporate/department  members.

Who to ask?

Student office

  • If you need a certificate
  • If you need an official record
  • If you want to make a change of address
  • If you need application forms
  • Questions about scores on the course
  • Questions regarding study break

Study counselor

  • Application procedure
  • Studying at University
  • Questions about study and career choices
  • Questions regarding dropout
  • Disability
  • If you come out of step with your studies
  • Planning your studies
  • Reserve Admission
  • Schedule
  • Study Information - internal
  • Accreditation of prior courses
  • Education Information